First real blog

Since my last post I have decided to pursue a new career. Let me backtrack. As a teen and young adult I had troublesome acne and nothing worked until I discovered Mary Kay cleanser at the age of 23.  It was miraculous-Clear, silky skin!!  Over the years I tried other brands because it was difficult to find consultants. My acne did not come back but I would get tiny visible bumbs under my skin. So for 35 years I was a loyal MK customer.  Well last year the cleanser was discontinued for a “new and improved” product.  Guess what….bumbs under my skin.  Around that time my daughter told me of a new skincare company she was trying.  (She found that she did not like the new Mary Kay formula either.) It was called Rodan and Fields, named after the 2 doctors (Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields) who created the formula.  I learned these are the doctors who  created Proactiv.  I was intrigued!

After working with my consultant, she determined that I needed the anti-aging formula called Redefine.  I got my first shipment of the regimen in October.  Since I still had one bottle of the old MK cleanser left, I sometimes washed with MK and other days I would wash with R+F.  I finally began using the Redefine exclusively 2x a day in January.  By February the fine lines on my temple (AKA crowsfeet) were gone and the wrinkles on my forward were diminished.  I was sooooo happy and began telling my friends about it! While I was noticing great results, my partner, Peter, showed me an article he had read in the business section of a local newspaper. He was so excited telling me  how it was one of the fastest skincare growing companies in the US.  I looked at the article and shouted “I use this stuff”!!

Thus began my journey to my new career. I researched the company on the internet and soon realized  this was an amazing company. In 2002 the  doctors began selling the anti-aging skincare in Nordstrom’s.  In 4 years they were the #1 product sold in the store. Soon, the doctors decided they wanted to bring their product to more people.  They chose to enter the direct selling industry  In just 7 years they are the #4 skincare company behind longtime companies Lancome, Clinique, and Estee Lauder (and they are 50+ years older). I am so excited about all the amazing FREE press Rodan + Fields has gotten lately – Award winning regimens, Products making Vogue’s Top 10 must have SPRING hit list and best of all the amazing Dr.s are named in the top 10 Entrepreneurs of the decade, along with Beyoncé, Oprah and Tory Burch! 

I emailed my R+F consultant and she guided me in the registration process with the help of her sponsor.  Now my consultant is my sponsor and I am her first consultant.  I am so excited!! My kit arrived and I am beginning to use some of the other products.  If you are interested in learning about the products, go to my website Or contact me to learn how you can have amazing skin 


This is only a test

On my bucket list of things to do when I retired was to learn how to blog.  Having taught cooking for 35.4 years, I thought it would be fun to try something new.  Sooo… 8 months after my last day in the classroom, I signed up for a continuing ed class to learn this new way of communicating.  I hope its fun and rewarding.